Why order any old bin
    when you can have a
    "Smart Bin!"


    Restricted Materials

    Simple Tips

    1.  No Liquids
    2. No Hazardous Waste
    3. No Appliances
    4. No Electronics
    5. No Batteries
    6. No Tires
    7. No Recyclables


    *Questions?  Ask your friendly Smart Bin Representative!


    **Each load tipped at waste sites are individually monitored and sorted.  If prohibited item(s) are found,  a fine or surcharge will be placed on your bill.  Smart Bins may choose to return prohibited items to customer.  If returned, an additional “return fee” will be placed on your bill. 


    Common Items  NOT accepted in Bins:

    FREE at WLSD Materials Recovery Center 4587 Ridgeview Rd, Duluth (off Rice Lk Rd)

    Fluorescent bulbs
    Automotive fluids
    Medical Sharps
    Household Cleaners
    4 car/pickup truck tires FREE per day


    A comprehensive list of materials that can be delivered for free or for a fee  by customers to WLSSD is found at: www.wlssd.com/disposal-guide